Gerry's visit to Rumworth School
January 2018


On Wednesday 10th January (my birthday!) Gerry, Joanne and I (the photographer!) were invited to Rumworth School following the visit (way back in September!) When the students from Rummies Bistro came to us for a tour of the restaurants, demonstrations and a tasty lunch! cheeky

We arrived at the school and met the head master Mr. Gary Johnson, he explained about the awful incident that happened two years ago where the roof of the school blew off and ruined quite a large amount of the school, classrooms including science labs and IT rooms. He then told us about the exciting plans for the redevelopment which is happening at the moment. The new build will include 10 new classrooms and a fancy hydro therapy pool! laugh

Then the tour began! We followed Mr Johnson upstairs to see some of the classrooms, he explained the classes are very small with only 10 – 12 children in each classroom. He then went onto explain how unfortunately 98% of disabled people are unemployed. He explained that when he came to the school four years ago he wanted to change the perspectives from ‘what cant the students do’ to ‘what can they do’. This is where Rummies Bistro comes into the story! It was set up to allow students to gain valuable and real life skills to help them gain employment, along with the students gaining their food hygiene qualification to again help them in employment and work in the bistro. Mr Johnson went on to tell us about other industries that the student are involved in including hairdressing, admin roles and a recycling company took students on too.

He then invited us in to a classroom where we had just missed the maths lesson! Phew!! The students were now having ‘choice time’ where they could pick an activity they wanted to do. Every student we met was very polite and friendly, and all the students were amazed by Gerry’s sword!!

One student Emily even tried on Gerry’s hat!

Another student asked Gerry why he had a sword and he responded with ‘to protect the Queen’ the student asked does she need protecting every day?

Another student’s reaction to the sword was ‘oooooo’

And Gerry explained about his role as High Sheriff including his main part being involved in the community.

We then met a lovely young lady called Lizzy who has autism; she was scared at first especially of the sword! But she soon was very interested in Gerry and what he does; she asked Gerry if he was a baddy! And Gerry said no I am a goody! Gerry then asked her who do you think is a baddy? Her response was Mr Johnson!!! I think Mr Johnson has got some making up to do!

We also saw the dance studio and the food technology room.

After the tour it was then time for lunch! We were greeted by the lovely students we had met previously at Yang Sing Cathay, along with some teachers from the school and a beautifully set table!

We had a three course lunch that the students had made, for starters we had bruschettas with tomato, spinach, red onion and a balsamic dressing. For our main course we had lasagne, garlic bread and salad, and for dessert there was a choice of sticky toffee pudding with either custard or ice cream or a fruit scone with jam and cream. We were all pretty full after the yummy lasagne but we managed to squeeze in the gorgeous dessert! Along with a sing song for my birthday! Which was a lovely surprise.

The school also grows their own organic vegetables! At the end of our visit we got to see where the vegetables grow.

We all had a great day with the students and teachers and we’ll definitely be back in the summer!