Manchester China Town is better than New York's!
Summer 2017


I recently went on a trip to New York Citylaugh after a very pleasant 7 hour flight we arrived to cloud and raincrying I thought really?! I did not travel across the pond to see cloud and rain! Anyway after the first day it brightened up and it was hot!

After doing the tourism spots, I of course had to check out China Town now unless I was in the wrong place NY China Town is not the same as Manchester’s! In all honesty it was a bit run down and rough, however we found a little restaurant with sweet and sour chicken on the menu and thought this will do! We had spring rolls to start which were ok and I obviously had the sweet and sour chicken which was bland!!

It was nowhere near as good as Yang Sing Cathay! Or for that matter the jar of sauce you buy from Asda! It was pretty bad. My friend had sesame chicken which was quite tasty and we had a go at trying to use chop sticks! (See funny video!) At the end of the meal we got fortune cookies which I love! 

Some good food places I would definitely recommend are Carlos bakery! Cheesecake factory! Shake shack! But if you're stuck here in the UK I would definitely recommend Yang Sing Cathays sweet and sour chicken or the deep fried tofu in sweet and sour sauce!! cheeky