The newbie!
Summer 2017


I recently graduated from the University of Bolton with a first class honours degree in Business Management. laugh The day after my graduation, adulthood began with my first graduate job which is also my dream job. I wanted a job in marketing and food related as I enjoyed marketing at university and attended Bury College where I gained my catering qualifications.

Eventually I’ve always said I would like my own business in the cake industry in Australia – it’s good to aim big right?! So with hopes of getting a graduate job and learning about the business and expanding on my knowledge of both business and catering; a job advert appeared for a marketing and social media executive at Yang Sing Cathay restaurant in the Trafford Centre. Well this job had me written all over it! I had two interviews and got the job! yes Including a bottle of very tasty Astoria Luxury Brut cheeky (from Gerry Yeung the owner of Yang Sing Cathay for getting a first in my degree) and it was the best 'not prosecco' I have ever tasted!!! Seriously everybody needs to try this! We sell it by the bottle and you’ll want to drink it all!! And at £24.99 it’s a total bargain! (And I am a total tight wad so if I’m willing to pay it must be good!)

When I started at Yang Sing Cathay everything was new and scary, but everyone here has been very friendly and I have eaten so much Chinese food I should be the size of house by now! I’ve  eaten not chicken (a vegetarian dish) which again was the best 'not chicken' I’ve ever had! Also the sweet and sour (my fave!) tofu is also pretty good! I can’t say that I’ll be turning vegetarian any time soon but the food I’ve tasted is pretty good!

Now on to the good stuff! Of course sweet and sour chicken is amazing! Also I have had a chilli and garlic chicken dish (it was hot!!) but who doesn’t love garlic right?!! Char Sui Bau was also pretty tasty! They are steamed roast pork buns. I’ve also had Har Kau steamed prawn dumplings, again I don’t like fish but they were tasty too! Something I’ve never tried before was squid tentacles in a crispy batter and again they were tasty! I mean anything that’s deep fried is tasty right?! Also the spring onion pancakes were so good!

Now onto cake!! Who knew Chinese actually do good desserts?! And I mean it’s not boring ice cream! I’ve tried a lychee tiramisu which was so light I could have eaten 10! So there is no excuse to say I’m too full for dessert. This is the perfect dessert after you’ve ordered too many starters and managed to squeeze in all your sweet and sour chicken! And I have yet to try the chocolate orange bombe and chocolate soufflé! Maybe today if I speak to Gerry nicely! smiley

Can you tell what my favourite part of the job is?!